Buy Heavy Sedation DVD Today!

RETURN OF THE B-BOY: Written & Directed by Shannon Newby. Starring Brian Anthony Wilson and Mike Jenkins.

Social satire is a form that is difficult to pull off, but Shannon Newby and company do it with flare. Topics such as police brutality, the distancing of the black middle class, sexual politics between men and women, and the plight of urban youth are all highted in this unique series. There is horror, comedy, drama– all with a twist. Share this series with friends and family, you won’t stop talking about HEAVY SEDATION.

HEAVY SEDATION TV Show (Same Actors Playing Different Characters In Different Stories). Heavy Sedation is available from Amazon. Cast: Jonathan Fitzgerald, Ina Farrell, Mike Jenkins, Robert Price, Rasheda El, Kamel Fennell, Jaja Scott, Eddie Reynolds, Damon Diggs, Kory Houston, Brian Anthony Wilson. Running time 4 hours and 35 minutes.


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